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The Fine Arts program at Providence Academy is designed to allow and encourage students to discover, develop, and demonstrate their God-given talents in the aural, dramatic, and visual arts. We seek to equip our students to recognize that art, drama, and music are, first of all, gifts of God which enrich the life of every believer. We believe the Fine Arts to be effective tools with which our students can worship and praise God, encourage and educate the body of Christ, and proclaim the Gospel message through our artistic endeavors to those who need to hear it. Our Fine Arts faculty is staffed by a group of individuals who love the Lord, have a strong love for students, and are passionate about the subjects that they teach.


Our elementary Fine Arts program is a uniquely classical and integrated approach that includes classes in Art History, Art Technique, and Music. Every student participates in a musical program each year, learning theater basics and building confidence. Students also have the opportunity to participate in an art show in the spring. The curriculum is on a seven-year cycle that covers a different major art movement each year including: 

  • Prehistoric/Ancient Egypt
  • Greek and Roman
  • Rennaissance
  • American
  • Baroque 
  • French Impressionism/Post-Impressionism
  • Modern and Contemporary



The fine arts are studied at Providence because they promote skills important in both academic and life success. These key skills include: creativity, confidence, real time problem solving, perseverance, focus, the ability to receive constructive feedback, collaboration, dedication and accountability. Self-discipline as well as delayed gratification is inherently present with fine arts.

There are many studies on how fine arts students test scores are significantly higher than students who are “non-fine arts” students. According to data on SAT scores from College Board, fine arts students scored on average ninety-five points better than their non-artistic class peers. Art gives witness to societies otherwise long vanished.  Art finds its expression in all areas of our daily lives, inspiring and engaging us in the creative process even as we imitate God, the ultimate Creator. 

Courses Offered
  • Art History
  • Drama
  • Music
  • Music Appreciation
  • Intermediate and Advanced Art
  • Yearbook (Photography)
  • Chorus and Ensemble
  • Musical Theater
  • Percussion/Drumline
  • Strings
  • Spring art show
  • Christmas and Spring Concerts
  • Mural/Community Art Projects
  • Drama or Musical Production every year
  • Art Club
  • Variety Club
  • Do It Yourself Club