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International Students

Applying as an International Student

We are excited that you are interested in Providence Academy. The International
Studies Program is a wonderful blessing to international students, host families, and the
student body as a whole.
While attending PA, international students live with host families in Johnson City and
nearby communities. These families have been interviewed and approved by PA
representatives. They are excited to welcome a student into their home and learn more
about other cultures!
 If you are interested in applying, send an email request to Mr. Dave Timmons:

International Student Application

Become a Host Family


Why do families choose to host?
Families host for a wide variety of reasons. At the center is the desire for the family to open its home to an
individual who might otherwise never have the chance to learn of their Savior. Other reasons for hosting
include learning of other cultures or participating in an exciting new experience.

What is expected of me as a host parent?
Host families are expected to welcome the international student into your home as a member of the family
and provide a loving and caring home environment.

How well can international students speak English?
An international student's academic success is dependent on the ability to communicate in the English
language. For an applicant to be accepted, he/she must demonstrate proficiency with an acceptable
score on a standardized testing format. 

What are the major challenges for host families?
Most challenges typically involve cultural differences within communication styles or customs. Many
families who have experienced such challenges find that, in time, they are resolved with patience and
clear communication. 

What are financial arrangements with students?
Students have private funds available for expenses for which the family is not responsible (e.g., clothing,
lunches at school, entertainment, personal items, etc.). Host families are compensated to offset

If your family would like to host an international student, please contact Mr. Timmons for more information.