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The elementary school years provide students with a carefully planned, but always flexible, program of learning and growth experiences for each student’s development -physically, intellectually, socially, and spiritually. Reading, writing, mathematics, Bible, history, scientific inquiry, learning experiences outdoors, art, music, Latin (2-6), and physical education are part of each week.

Research indicates a child's early language experiences impact her/his later reading progress and time spent outdoors improves not only physical health and brain development but also mental and emotional health. Similar studies confirm a child's belief system—the personal view of the world—is formed by age eleven.

All of this information significantly confirms PA's commitment to provide an academically challenging program of experiences that enhance our students' future school and life choices. The elementary school program intentionally fosters the foundational understanding of what it means to live in the light of the truth that God made man for His glory. These early years are the critical foundation for students becoming lifelong learners, equipped with skills for living in the 21st century and knowledge that gives an understanding for eternity.


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