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Elementary (Grades K-6)

Providence Academy seeks to assist parents in the nurture and education of their children by providing a structured and orderly environment conducive to learning. The elementary curriculum is designed to promote a Biblically centered course of study in all disciplines where every subject is presented through the lens of the Bible and is intended to develop the whole child. PA elementary composes the grammar level of a Christian, classical education. The structure of the elementary curriculum is traditional with an emphasis on the basics. Grammar denotes the fundamental rules of each subject, as well as the basic data that exhibits those rules. Teachers employ chants, songs, rhymes, and other memorization techniques to create the foundation needed for a successful transition into the logic and rhetoric stages in future years. Paramount to the PA elementary is the development of students who think and live in a manner which brings glory to God.

Secondary (Grades 7-12)

PA Secondary composes the logic and rhetoric levels of a Christian, classical education. Logic level courses focus on developing skills–reading, writing, research, and study skills–that organize and communicate grammar level information. Debate, drama, graphic organizers, and oral and written presentations are part of logic level classes. Rhetoric level courses focus on written and oral persuasion and argumentation, culminating in a senior level 20–40 page paper based on an arguable thesis. Socratic circles, scored and round table discussions, mock trials, debates, and numerous papers and oral presentations form a major part of rhetoric level classes. Of special emphasis at the rhetoric level is the formal articulation of a biblical worldview and its application to all subjects and topics covered at school and to events and issues taking place in society today.

College and Career

The College and Career office has the mission to advise students regarding college admission requirements, entrance exams, financial aid, scholarship opportunities, possible college majors, resume writing, and interviewing techniques. These goals are accomplished through a PA designed program especially for juniors and seniors called “Road to College.” This program allows the counselor to interact with students individually, in small groups, or as an entire class. After each session, parents are contacted via email with the same information presented to students.


Believing that the Library Media Center is a fundamental part of the academic program of Providence Academy, the purpose of our library is to encourage and assist our faculty, staff, and students to be effective and discriminating users of ideas and information and to foster the habit of reading and lifelong learning that brings glory to God.

Our library is open at the following times: Monday 7:45 a.m. – 3:10 p.m.; Tuesday through Friday 7:45 a.m. – 3:45 p.m.

Our total number of materials is 10,600. With approximately 480 students, our library may offer each patron 22 volumes of library material at any given time. This exceeds accreditation standards of 10 volumes per patron. Formats of library material currently include hardbound and paperback books, DVDs, and CDs