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Faculty and Staff

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    Benjamin Holland

    Head of School
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    Dustin Williams

    Elementary Principal
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    Dane Bundy

    Secondary Principal
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    Sherry Chambers

    Curriculum Coordinator
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    Bryce Ballard

    Dean of Students
  Name Title Group
Eric Anderson Anderson, Eric Secondary Instructor
Katherine Anderson Anderson, Katherine Secondary Instructor
Annie Ballard Ballard, Annie Secondary Instructor
Bryce Ballard Ballard, Bryce Dean of Students
Ashley Barnett Barnett, Ashley Elementary Instructor
Mandy Barnett Barnett, Mandy Receptionist
Suzy Bomgardner Bomgardner, Suzy Librarian
Malissa Brumit Brumit, Malissa Secondary Instructor
Dane Bundy Bundy, Dane Secondary Principal
James Bunten Bunten, James Maintenance
Jamie Burns Burns, Jamie Elementary Instructor
Cora Carpenter Carpenter, Cora Secondary Instructor
Chelsea Carrier Carrier, Chelsea Secondary Instructor
Becca Carson Carson, Becca Elementary Instructor
Michael Cash Cash, Michael Secondary Instructor
Sherry Chambers Chambers, Sherry Curriculum Coordinator
Renee Collie Collie, Renee Secondary Instructor
Kim Connors Connors, Kim Elementary Instructor
Kellie Damron Damron, Kellie Occupational Therapist
Catherine DePriest DePriest, Catherine Substitute
Vincent Dial Dial, Vincent Secondary Instructor
Ashleigh Farmer Farmer, Ashleigh Athletic Administrative Assistant
Larissa Ferguson Ferguson, Larissa College/Career Counselor
Lorrie Filson Filson, Lorrie Elementary Instructor
Trinity Freemon Freemon, Trinity Aide
Sherrill Gibson Gibson, Sherrill Elementary Instructor
Gina Gill Gill, Gina Secondary Instructor
Julia Gill Gill, Julia Secondary Instructor
Jessica Glover Glover, Jessica Elementary Instructor
Teresa Gobble Gobble, Teresa Purchasing/Office Operations
Taylor Goines Goines, Taylor Athletic Administrative Assistant
Cathy Graham Graham, Cathy Substitute
Angie Grizzle Grizzle, Angie Elementary Instructor
Rebecca Hale Hale, Rebecca Receptionist
Mark Harrod Harrod, Mark Secondary Instructor
Bonnie Hecht Hecht, Bonnie Assistant, Head of School
James Herington Herington, James Secondary Instructor
Heather Hester Hester, Heather Secondary Instructor
Benjamin Holland Holland, Benjamin Head of School
Linda Hollowell Hollowell, Linda Secondary Instructor
Shona Hoover Hoover, Shona Admissions/Development
Dana Jones Jones, Dana Development
Alexandra Kees Kees, Alexandra Secondary Instructor
Kelly Kerley Kerley, Kelly Aide
Mark Koscak Koscak, Mark Development Director
Aaron Lewis Lewis, Aaron After School/Recess
Carleen Looper Looper, Carleen Elementary Aide
Brianna Loran Loran, Brianna Education Resources
Becca Metcalf Metcalf, Becca Teacher
Kimberly Milburn Milburn, Kimberly Secondary Instructor
Anna Murphy Murphy, Anna Elementary Instructor
Megan O'Bryant O'Bryant, Megan Lunch Room Aide
Kimberly Owens Owens, Kimberly Elementary Instructor
Byron Peters Peters, Byron Secondary Instructor
Kenneth Phillips Phillips, Kenneth Custodial
Thomas Prior Prior, Thomas Secondary Instructor
Jessie Ransom Ransom, Jessie Elementary Instructor
Marsha Reed Reed, Marsha After School
Amy Reis Reis, Amy Elementary Instructor
Joshua Roark Roark, Joshua IT Administration
Justina Roller Roller, Justina Elementary Aide
Megan Ryan Ryan, Megan Elementary Instructor
Kurt Saxsma Saxsma, Kurt Elementary Instructor
Kelly Schultz Schultz, Kelly Secondary Instructor
Jenny Sells Sells, Jenny Elementary Instructor
Martin Sells Sells, Martin Athletic Director
Lorrie Smith Smith, Lorrie After School
Elizabeth Stillwell Stillwell, Elizabeth
Linda Stillwell Stillwell, Linda Director Finance/HR
Carol Stoltzfus Stoltzfus, Carol Senior Accountant
Lorraine Stoltzfus Stoltzfus, Lorraine Elementary Instructor
Marilyn Tagert Tagert, Marilyn Secondary Instructor
Gail Thomas Thomas, Gail Elementary Aide
John Thurman Thurman, John Elementary Instructor
David Timmons Timmons, David Intl Student Program Coordinator
Christy Torbett Torbett, Christy Substitute
Ann Treece Treece, Ann Mother
Nicole Turner Turner, Nicole Nurse
Justin Ward Ward, Justin Custodial
Debra Weaver Weaver, Debra Elementary Instructor
Beverly White White, Beverly Substitute
Anna Williams Williams, Anna Administrative Assistant
Dustin Williams Williams, Dustin Elementary Principal
Michael Wilson Wilson, Michael Custodial
Eddie Woods Woods, Eddie Facility Manager