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Join Us for a Praise Break!

Praise Break from Providence Academy


God is faithful.  God has always met our needs at Providence Academy.  This year is no exception!  We met our goal for the Annual Scholarship Fund!  The past four or five years, we have been able to meet our goal by about January 4.  However, this year we had our highest goal to date, and it went right down to the end.  However, we made it!  The scholarship funding for next school year is in the bank!  Thank you to everyone who aligned your giving, your prayer, and your efforts to support the Annual Scholarship Fund as a ministry to students in need.  Thanks to everyone who attended an event, volunteered for an event, donated to our auction, sponsored an event, or advertised in the Development newsletter.  We are helping approximately 20% of our students obtain a Christ-centered and classical education.  These students are hearing a consistent message about Jesus at home, at church, and at school.  These students are learning a Christian worldview that will impact the kingdom for a lifetime.  With your help, parents are able to honor God in the educational choice that they make for their children.


The Annual Scholarship Fund is truly a family effort.  There are many ways groups and members of our family help, and there are many ways to help.  We have Board members who lead the way in giving.  We have faculty and staff members who choose to align their giving with their calling.  We have parents who pay tuition for another child to help an additional student attend PA. We have grandparents who make monthly gifts.  We are starting to see some of our alumni give back to the school.  We have alumni parents and also alumni grandparents who continue to support God’s effort at PA because they understand the impact.  We have businesses that sponsor events and businesses that advertise at PA in support of the scholarship fund.  We are blessed with great prayer support.  God uses His people to fund His mission at Providence Academy.


We are thankful for the opportunity to share the good news and to lift up the Lord!  Please join us in praising God and giving Him glory!  He is worthy!  He is to be praised!


A Word from an Anonymous Parent:


“We have been blessed to have the privilege for our children to experience an education where God is glorified, and the goal is always to put God first.  We value the biblical education, the opportunity to learn more about God’s word, and the freedom to discuss beliefs and questions openly.  We have seen the completed product.  Our kids are well prepared for college, and we feel this education strengthened their Christian values.


God blessed our family with the financial resources to allow our children to benefit from an education where God is honored and where there is an opportunity to learn more about Him.  We wanted to use some of the resources He blessed us with to bless others.  We are thankful to be able to offer this same opportunity to another family through the scholarship fund.”


A Note from an Anonymous Grandparent:


“Our priority for our children, and now our grandchildren, has always been to provide them a Christian education, and through the Annual Scholarship Fund we are blessed to be able to help others do the same!”

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