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Providence Academy Spelling Bee Results

Congratulations to John Hutchinson, 6th grade, our 2015 Providence Academy Spelling Bee winner, and to our runner-up, Landon Colinger, 5th grade. We also want to recognize all of our contestants: Resie Rockett, 3-A, Henry Hamlin, 3-B, Ella Combs, 4-A, Andrew Cunningham, 4-B, Dawson Church, 5-B, Alexa Buskirk, 6-B, Cooper Williamson and Abigail Combs, 7th grade, and Hunter Reid, 8th grade. John Hutchinson will now represent Providence Academy in the Southern Appalachian Regional Spelling Bee in Knoxville on March 14.  We wish you the best, John!

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