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TMTA Math Competition Winners Announced!

The annual TMTA Math Competition was held at NE State Community College for several area high schools Tuesday, April 15. Twenty-two students from PA participated in the event. The following students were within the top ten scorers in their category:

Geometry - Cambron Johnson, 1st place; Hollie Matthews, 4th place; Eileen Collie, 5th place; Bethany Jones, 7th place.
Algebra II - John Hollowell, 6th place; Lane Whitman, 9th place.
Statistics - Sterling Fooshee, 6th place; John Robertson, 8th place; Andee Atkins, 10th place; Carrie Williams, 11th place.
Precalculus - J.D. Reynolds, 9th place.
Congratulations, students! PA was very well represented.

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