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PA Science Fair 2014 Awards


Biological- Grade Three
First Place-Luke Davis
Second Place- Anna Messerschmidt
Physical- Grade
First Place- Levi Hooven
Second Place- Claire Messerschmidt
Biological- Grade Four
First Place- Levi Thurman
Second Place- Caroline Wilson
Third Place- Sydney Wilson
Honorable Mention- Jack Davis
Physical- Grade Four
First Place- Morgan Fellers
Second Place- Connor Fulks
Third Place- Reid Stoltzfus
Honorable Mention- Eyoab Knapp
Honorable Mention- Kayleigh Grant
Biological- Grade Five
First Place- Erin Colhoun


Biological- Grade Six
First Place- Timmy Boccarossa
Second Place- Caleb Marmo
Third Place- Abigail Combs
Honorable Mention- Braden Spano
Physical- Grade Six
First Place- Brian Carpenter
Second Place- Madeline Runnels
Third Place- Hunter Olds
Honorable Mention- John Clapp
Honorable Mention- Caleb Zepeda
Biological- Grade Eight
First Place- Caroline Koscak
Second Place- Julia Rushing
Third Place- Jackson Hester
Physical- Grade Eight
First Place- Jordan Spano
Second Place- John Weaver
Third Place- Ethan Cook
Honorable Mention- Levi Little
Congratulations to Providence Academy Science Fair Winners. It was a blessing to see every student’s project and the class projects. First and second place winners in grades fourth to eighth will go on to the ETSU Science Fair.

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