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Parker Barnes, 8th grade, Spelling Bee champ!

Congratulations to Parker Barnes!  The runner-up was Harlan Williams, 5th grade.  Parker will represent PA at two district spelling bees  The Sullins Academy Regional Bee is on February 6 and the Southern Appalachian Regional Spelling Bee at the UT Knoxville campus will be on March 8.  Congratulations to both students and the following participants:  Manny Leslie (Gr. 3), Andrew Cunningham (Gr. 3), Dawson Church (Gr. 4), Cade Backus (Gr. 4), Meredith Phemister (Gr. 5), Abigail Combs (Gr. 6), Chloe Sams (Gr. 6), Hunter Reid (Gr. 7), Clara Reynolds (Gr. 8).  Alternates were Emma Raines, Ella Combs, Landon Colinger, Sierra Gilmer, Alexa Buskirk, Kaitlin Robbins, John Stallard, Kali Glover, Trinity Owens, and Abbi Stuart.

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