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PA Students Score Big at Math Olympics!

Congratulations to the following PA students who were among the top scorers in their categories at last week’s ACSI Math Olympics competition in Knoxville:

3rd Grade Computation
Maddie France – 4th Place
3rd Grade Reasoning
Claire Mauerman – 5th Place
4th Grade Reasoning
John David Clapp – 3rd Place
Josh Gregory – 5th Place
5th Grade Reasoning
Alyson Culbertson – 3rd Place (tie)
Cameron Patterson – 5th Place (tie)
6th Grade Computation
Hope Olds – 4th Place
6th Grade Reasoning
Caroline Koscak – 5th Place
7th Grade Computation
Amy Ferguson – 1st Place Medallion
Aria Binkley – 2nd Place

7th Grade Reasoning
Eden Huhn – 2nd Place
Brennon Kimbler – 4th Place
8th Grade Computation
Jackson Graham – 1st Place
Katie Schoondyke – 5th Place
8th Grade Reasoning
Elijah Wilson – 1st Place Medallion
Eileen Collie – 2nd Place (tie)

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