Elementary Music

Elementary MusicThe Elementary Music Program at Providence Academy seeks to assist students to explore music as a gift from God to be used in the worship and praise of the Creator. Our desire is to produce students who will be life-long lovers of music, to help students become more proficient makers of music, both vocal and instrumental, and to inspire students to use their musical talents to worship and praise God. We seek to accomplish this by exploring Scripture passages about music, through the study of hymns and contemporary worship music, through the development and effective use of the singing voice, through teaching the use of classroom melody and rhythm instruments, and through the students’ participation in performance opportunities such as musical productions, singing in chapel services, group instrumental performances, and group choral activities.

Secondary Music

The Secondary Music Program is a continuation of the ideas and skills introduced to students in the elementary program with an emphasis in choral music. The purpose is to train students to love music, to become skillful in producing sound, and to use music in a way that glorifies God. In addition to chorus classes and performances, secondary students also have opportunities to participate in ensembles, with the Chamber Ensemble taking a trip to New York City every two years.