Elementary Art

The Providence Academy Art Department aims to equip students with artistic knowledge and appreciation and performance skills needed to pursue and appreciate art as a means of praising God in an academic setting, the work force, and the Christian life. The emphasis is on drawing, painting, rendering, and constructing, using the elements of art and the principles of design. This correlates with art history instruction that focuses on the foundational periods and varied artistic styles. The culmination of the department is reflected in the annual exhibitions, with students demonstrating their understanding of artistic fundamentals and historical appreciation.

Secondary Art

Secondary Art Courses are an advanced continuum of elementary art. The seventh grade course requires students to focus on the fundamentals of art and to developing a heightened capacity for drawing and painting, regardless of the individual student’s aptitude for art. This approach is the basic format for the high school studio art courses as well, except they have a more accelerated program regarding the challenge level of the student’s artwork and the amount of work expected An Advanced Art course is offered to seniors who have successfully completed the Introductory and Intermediate Art courses; this class focuses on the individual student's artistic interests. Each student presents a proposal to the instructor for consideration as a year-long project. Many of these projects reflect the students’ desired career pursuits through their future college studies and majors. All art students are exposed to art history that coincides with their studio work, and all eighth graders take an art history course. Each school year ends with art exhibitions of each class, with every studio art student represented. These exhibitions are open to the public and traditionally held at galleries/museums located away from the school, giving students the opportunity to have their artwork exposed to the general public.