General Guidelines

ACSIThe process of enrollment at Providence Academy prior to final acceptance shall include but is not limited to the following:

  1. Submission of properly completed application forms and registration no sooner than two (2) years prior to enrollment.

    Student Application

  2. Parent/Student interview with the administration to insure that: (a) both parents express a clear testimony of Christian faith (which will be discussed in further detail later); (b) the parents desire a Christian education for their child; (c) family beliefs and practices are consistent with the standards, statement of faith, and values of the school; (d) the child, if high school age, expresses a desire to attend PA and agrees to live in harmony with school standards; and (e) students with a history of severe behavioral problems have cleared their records with previous schools and now demonstrate a commitment for a changed life style in both personal testimony and character references.
  3. Entrance testing (grades 1-11) mandatory.
  4. Upon completion of the designated steps, parents are notified as to whether their child has been accepted into the school or not. Students may be accepted with conditions, for example, the student is to attend summer school, be tutored, or repeat a grade before he/she will be accepted for the upcoming school year.
  5. Students who have been accepted in the school must have their files complete and accounts current to begin school the first day. This includes having completed necessary physical examinations where required. All students must have immunization forms and birth certificate forms submitted for school files.


The school reserves the right, within its sole discretion, to refuse admission of an applicant or to discontinue enrollment of a student if the atmosphere or conduct within a particular home or the activities of the student are counter to or are in opposition to the Biblical moral lifestyle the school teaches. This includes, but is not necessarily limited to, participating in, supporting, or affirming sexual immorality, homosexual activity, or bisexual activity; promoting such practices, or being unable to support the moral principles of the school.

Mid-Year Enrollment:

With respect to Providence Academy’s mission of academic excellence and high academic standards, it is difficult for students to enroll in classes during the middle of the school year. Providence is committed to the success of all students and carefully considers circumstances which could impede that success such as mid-year enrollment.

Student admission grades K-12 after the first nine-weeks grading period is at the discretion of administration. Solid academic mastery must be reflected on the Providence Academy assessment and a strong faculty/administrative recommendation for entry given per evaluation of the assessment results in order for consideration of enrollment. For students in lower elementary, grades K-1, a faculty/administrative evaluation of the student’s ability to transition easily into a new school setting is an additional factor of consideration.

Elementary Enrollment

  • Tennessee Code Annotated defines the birth cut-off for entrance into Kindergarten is age five on or before August 15.
  • Also, according to Tennessee Code Annotated, a child does not have to enroll in school at five years of age, but enrollment must occur no later than the child’s sixth birthday.
  • Students may not enroll in grades K-6 after the first nine-weeks grading period except at the discretion of administration.
  • Elementary students will not be accepted into PA unless the following conditions are met: (1) student has scored adequately on the entrance exam; (2) the parents are interviewed and are accepted; (3) the student’s prior grades are reviewed; and (4) if it is determined that tutoring is needed, the student will be required to complete tutoring and may be retested prior to being admitted to PA.

Secondary Enrollment

  • Students entering into their senior year will not be allowed to transfer into PA.
  • Students may not enroll in grades 7-11 after the first nine-weeks grading period except at the discretion of administration.
  • High school students desiring to transfer into PA will not be accepted unless the following conditions are met: (1) student has scored adequately on the entrance exam; (2) the parents and student are interviewed and are accepted in the spring, prior to the end of the school year; (3) student transcripts are reviewed to ensure that high school credits line up with PA’s credit requirements, as well as with the state requirements; and (4) if transcripts do not line up and required credits are missing, the student will be required to secure these credits in the summer months before being admitted to PA.
  • Exceptions to these rules may be made for extenuating circumstances.