Social Sciences Department

The purpose of the Providence Academy social science department is to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and biblical perspective needed to view man’s history as the story of God’s plan for man, teaching a linear world view with creation as the beginning, Jesus Christ and the cross as the center, and Heaven as the end. We study history so we can learn God’s plan for man; appreciate what man, with God’s help, has accomplished; and avoid the mistakes that man, because of sin, has made in the past. The K-12 program builds on the Creation/Fall/Redemption paradigm, with a focus on World History and United States History, while also emphasizing geography and map skills. Within the biblical-historical context, students are taught about a variety of cultures, religions, philosophies, governments, and economic systems, analyzing them from a biblical world view–with God there are moral and spiritual absolutes that must never be rationalized or compromised. Our culminating goal is to graduate students who have the knowledge and skills to evaluate current philosophies, trends, and events from a biblical world view and to act appropriately upon their Bible-based principles.