Math Department

The main goal of the Providence Academy mathematics department is to equip students with the mathematical and critical thinking skills necessary to succeed in higher education and to honor and glorify God in their vocations. From the elementary concepts of counting to the advanced principles of calculus, our department seeks to provide a solid groundwork in the discipline of mathematics and to impart an appreciation for the wisdom of God as revealed in the orderliness and logic of His creation. Our program encourages each student to recognize math as the indispensable language of science and as the perceptible reflection of God’s invisible attributes.

The elementary classes use the Saxon curriculum, which follows the biblical concept of precept upon precept in its incremental approach. Grades K-2 is a strong hands-on, activity oriented program, while also stressing drill and review of basic math facts and concepts. Grades 3-5 use the Saxon Intermediate program (2008) with daily cumulative, mixed practice and frequent assessment. Grades 6 and 7 use Saxon Courses 1 and 2 (2007). In grades 8-12 we have a two track system, with the advanced track culminating in AP Calculus and the Regular track ending with either Advanced Math or Probability and Statistics. All students are required to earn four high school credits in math for graduation.