Latin Department

As a Christian and classical school, Providence Academy understands and teaches the importance of the classical languages to Western civilization, as well as their practical importance to the vocabulary, grammar, and syntax of the English language. The purpose of the Providence Academy Latin department is to equip students to read, translate, and understand the Latin language so that they can succeed at further study of any language in college and can appreciate the Latin language and literature throughout life. The emphasis is on accurate and precise translation of Latin into English and careful grammatical analysis.

Latin instruction begins in second grade, with thematic units and a focus on songs, chants, and games providing an enjoyable introduction to Latin study. Grades three and four continue the classical activities but add a more grammar intensive approach to their study. In fifth and sixth grades, the reading method of language instruction is incorporated, and students complete more translation, read and comprehend adapted Latin stories, and learn to relate Latin cultural studies with their history and Bible classes. The elementary program culminates in sixth grade with a class equivalent to a beginning Latin I course, with the majority of our sixth grade students scoring above the national average on the National Latin Exam.

Seventh grade English includes review Latin activities that build on the vocabulary and grammar learned in the elementary grades. In addition, seventh and eighth grade students study the classics through a vocabulary curriculum based on classical roots and specific unit studies on mythology and the relation of the Greek and Roman cultures to Jewish History, the Life of Christ, and the beginning and growth of the early church. Formal Latin instruction includes required Latin I and II in grades nine and ten and rhetoric level electives Latin III and AP Latin. All secondary Latin students take the National Latin Exam, with most scoring above the national average. Logic level students also take the National Mythology Exam on a voluntary basis.