English Department

The purpose of the Providence English department is to equip students with the communication and study skills needed to succeed in college, the work force, and the Christian life. The emphasis is on reading, writing, speaking, and listening to glorify God, with a focus on literary classics and integration with the humanities. Students begin with a strong phonics emphasis in kindergarten. Grades 1-9 employ an integrated, objective-based program, Expert English, through which basic grammar is mastered by the end of eighth grade and composition is a vital part of every day’s activities. Rhetoric level courses are literature based, with discussions, oral and written analysis, and oral presentations comprising much of each course. The culmination of the department is a study of classical rhetoric the junior year and the development of an individual thesis project the senior year; the topic must be arguable and within a biblical world view framework, exemplifying the Creation/Fall/Redemption paradigm. Students argue and defend their topic and conclusions in a 20-40 page paper and to a committee of school and community leaders.